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A Guide To Online Roulette Games

Welcome to this informative and user-friendly website about online roulette. On this site, we give you an overview of the game. You will also find suitable and by us tested providers of this game. Do you want to play this old game again or do you want to discover the game? Then don’t hesitate any longer and read on. Here you will find all information about strategies, tips, tricks, and the safest games. As fanatical players and experts in designing and designing websites, we have combined our talent and passion. That’s how we started, and at the moment you’re re reaping the rewards. Are you missing something on our website? Let us know by sending us a message! Have fun and happiness with all the games you’ll be playing.

Before we start telling you all about online roulette and the details of where you can play safely, we’ll give you a brief explanation. No explanation needed? Then play your first roulette game here, for free and for free! Roulette is a game that takes you with it, leaves you on the edge of your seat and makes the blood run through your veins. Why? Well, actually just because it’s a game of chance. You can’t predict it and are waiting in suspense, of course, there are some strategies and tips, but more about that later. You can play roulette alone or together, offline or online. The possibilities are endless. But what do you do when you decide to play roulette online?

Play online roulette wisely in Australia 2019

First of all, you take part in a roulette game online and take your common place at a roulette table. After this, you place the proverbial chips on the roulette table you want to play with. There are several possibilities. For example, you can bet on specific numbers, a color and number sequences. With roulette, you have different betting options but remember: the higher the risk of losing, the higher the win. If the bullet (the ball) reaches the number you bet on, you win thirty-five times your bet. A nice win, but the chance that the bullet stops exactly at your number is of course small. That’s why many players prefer to bet on the possibilities that fall more often.

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Bets with a higher chance of winning are for example red or black, even or odd and a low number series or a high number series. When almost all bets have been placed, the ball is thrown in the opposite direction to the rotating roulette wheel. This makes the game a lot more exciting, because where will the bullet stop? The number with the corresponding colour at which the ball stops is, of course, the winning number, colour or series.

Roulette Rules

Roulette, above we’ve already briefly told you something about this beautiful game. Of course, there’s a lot to tell now, but basically, this game is very simple. Many people think that’s why it’s such a popular game. Everyone can learn it. Besides, once you know it, you don’t forget it anymore. The most important thing to know is what betting options you have, what payout options and to a lesser extent in which ways you can play best (the strategies). This ensures that you will not be faced with any surprises. On the other hand, it’s always a surprise when you play roulette, because on which number does the bullet remain. We have to wait and see as long as the bullet doesn’t stop.

The Wheel

The roulette wheel is an invention in itself, and not everyone will invent it. The system behind the wheel is both ingenious and simple. The roulette wheel consists of different compartments in the colours red and black. In each compartment, there is also a number written down. These are the numbers one to thirty-six. On the right, you have a green box with the number zero. To determine a winning number and colour, a ball is thrown in the opposite direction from the rotating wheel. Among the numbers is a kind of small trays in which the bullet falls. The number in which the ball falls is the winning number and of course, determines the colour or series that will win. A detailed explanation of the rules of the game can be found on the rules page.

Deployment Options

An important part of the roulette rules are the betting options. As mentioned above, there are several betting options for roulette. Normally you will think that you are only betting on a number. This is because it has the largest payout, and your bet is doubled thirty-five times. On the other hand, your chances of winning are also many times lower because there are thirty-five other numbers that can win. In addition, it is also common to bet on the colors red or black.

This gives you a much smaller payout, but you have almost a fifty percent chance to win. In addition to these obvious possibilities, the online roulette game offers you even more. This way you can also make side bets. This makes the game much more fun and exciting. You can bet on the first, second or third column. Another side bet is betting on the first, second or third dozen. So there is variation in the supply of bets. You can choose how you want to bet and choose the one that appeals to you the most. For example, you can also bet on a combination of numbers. Ideal if you ask me.

Betting and Winning at Online Roulette Australia

In this paragraph, you will find information that is really important! After all, how can you play roulette? First of all, it is crucial to have money in your account. In an offline casino, each player has a different color of chips. This is done to make it easy for the croupier to tell each player apart. You can bet by making your bet visible to the croupier after you have placed the chips in the desired places. Of course, this is not the case with online roulette.

The options for betting are listed in the section above. The only thing you always have to comply with is the minimum bet associated with the table in question. If it is too high, there is always another table where the minimum bet is lower. Betting can be quite long, even if the ball is already rotating through the roulette wheel. Anything is possible until the croupier pronounces the magic words ‘rien ne va plus.’ At this moment it is no longer possible to use it.

If you have won with roulette is obvious if the bullet ends in your number or colour! This is exactly the same with online roulette. The smaller the chance that the bullet ends up on your number, the more profit will be distributed. If the bullet reaches your number, this will result in a payout of thirty-five times the bet. Have you guessed the color correctly? Then you will be paid out the bet once. Anything is possible when playing roulette. It’s up to you how you want to play! Remember that you should be able to dream the online roulette rules.

Roulette Strategies, Tips, and Tricks

You are playing roulette. It’s a great activity. There is always a chance to win, but the question is of course whether this chance can be influenced. On this point, there are two camps to discover. On the one hand, there is a camp that states that roulette is a simple game of chance. On the other hand, there is a large group of people who say that the outcome of roulette can be influenced. We cannot decide who is exactly right for you. We leave that entirely up to you. The fact is that ‘knowledge is power.’ So read all the information about the different roulette strategies and make your own choice. Then nobody will be able to tell you anything. Don’t forget to read the roulette tips.

As we described above, knowledge is power. Knowledge is necessary to devise a good strategy. It is also important to control the game well. In this way, you can properly estimate loss and profit. To help you with this, we publish new articles on the site on a weekly basis. So take a look at this and learn how to perfect your game. Take a look at the page with strategies and see which one you prefer. In addition, all the fun facts about roulette and games of chance can be found here on the site. Enough to read! Are you missing something on the site? Feel welcome to contact us. We are open to suggestions and positive feedback.

Knowledge is Power

In the roulette game, it’s often about knowing where the chances are and where to take them. Either which roulette strategy or roulette strategies to use. In short, it means that you have to pay attention during the game. If you succeed, you can take advantage of this. Does the croupier always throw the bullet at the same angle and put it around the same point in the roulette wheel? Then it’s a good idea to bet around these numbers.

This phenomenon is caused by the fact that croupiers don’t pay attention anymore after a while. They fall into the autopilot and always throw in the same way. As a player, it is wise to take advantage of this. We would certainly apply this knowledge. There is a chance that it will result in a lot of profit. This is also the reason why casinos regularly exchange their croupiers. It is necessary for casinos that croupiers are fresh and do not always play on autopilot.

What is your roulette style of play?

It’s important to determine the style of play you want to use. Do you want to go for the quick money or do you think it’s more important to enjoy the moment you play? Because these are different goals, the way towards them is also different. If you want to make a quick profit, then it is important to play ‘aggressively.’ This is done by placing chips with high values. Keep in mind, however, that this online roulette strategy is risky.

Do you prefer to play more carefully and do you want to enjoy it longer? Then think very carefully about how you want to play. In this case, we advise you to place the chips mainly on colours or series (see the page about the different betting options). You are more likely to win, but the winnings are less high. That’s a shame, but if you play to enjoy the game, it doesn’t matter. The particular way of playing allows you
to play longer and sit at your table. Determine your own way of playing and don’t let anyone influence you afterwards.

Money management and payment methods

Money management is, of course, always an important issue. This is also the case with roulette. If you can manage your money well, you will have a successful and enjoyable time while playing. Money is necessary if you want to play roulette (read which payment methods are), but also to be able to continue playing it. In most casinos, you can deposit with iDeal, credit cards, Paysafecards, and Skrill. It’s a fact that you don’t play the game for long, especially if you lose a lot of money. To prevent this from happening, we would like to give you some tips here. Read them carefully and apply them to online roulette as well!

Tip 1: set a budget

It’s not fun to play when you can go home after three rounds because your money for this month is already gone. It’s also no fun if you can’t even meet your fundamental needs at the end of the month. Think about breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is therefore important to look at and calculate how much money you can spare and how much you want to bet. How many chips do you want to bet each time and how do you want to play? Safe, aggressive or 50/50.

It is useful to know that the average turn of the roulette wheel takes one minute and an average game about three minutes. You can then predict that with twenty games in an hour you can bet a lot of money and possibly also lose. This is all the more true if you play with more than one chip at the same time. As mentioned before, you may lose your money. Also, assume that this is the case. This way you won’t exceed your own budget. Agree a budget with yourself. Take this amount with you and leave your debit or credit card at home. This way you will never be tempted to spend more than your own means allow.

Enjoying Roulette

The last point we’d like to discuss with you, but which is very important, is to enjoy the game! Playing roulette online is not difficult. The game and the rules are easy to learn. Still, it is wise to read it. Knowledge is power’ still applies. This way you know when to bet and when not to do it. Do you want to practice after you have read everything? This is all possible here on the site!

On the website, we offer a number of free games that you can continue to play indefinitely. This is all possible until you decide that you are ready to play for money. There is no time limit. Below you’ll find the most important tips for you, written down point by point. Take advantage of it! Don’t forget that we also publish the best articles for you on a daily basis.

Read the rules and tips on the website carefully. It’s the little things that result in a profitable game of roulette;

Know which variant of roulette you do and which variant you should not play;

Just choose a reputable casino. After all, you won’t benefit from a win if you can’t get it paid out;

Get to the bottom of the bonus terms and conditions. For example, the online roulette bonus may have to be played a number of times before you can get it paid out;

Do you want to play roulette for real money? Then first make sure you know the game inside out;
Don’t be tempted to use strategies or systems that you don’t support.